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Metadata Sources

The AAF publishes 3 metadata documents:

  1. https://md.test.aaf.edu.au/aaf-test-metadata.xml
    Containing all AAF subscribers.
  2. https://md.test.aaf.edu.au/aaf-edugain-test-metadata.xml
    Containing IdP and SP which have been approved for consumption by AAF subscribers from the global eduGAIN metadata source.
  3. https://md.test.aaf.edu.au/aaf-edugain-export-test-metadata.xml
    Containing AAF subscribed IdP and SP which have been approved for publishing to the global eduGAIN metadata source.

Metadata documents are only accessible by https request. Our metadata endpoints DO NOT automatically redirect http requests.

All metadata documents are signed by the AAF. Subscribers MUST use the public key available at https://md.test.aaf.edu.au/aaf-metadata-certificate.pem to verify metadata documents whenever they are retrieved.

To confirm that you have obtained the correct key ensure the file you have downloaded conforms to the following:

         $> openssl x509 -subject -dates -fingerprint -in aaf-metadata-certificate.pem

         subject= /O=Australian Access Federation/CN=AAF Metadata
         notBefore=Nov 24 04:27:20 2015 GMT
         notAfter=Dec  9 04:27:20 2035 GMT
         SHA1 Fingerprint=E2:FC:CC:CB:0E:0F:3B:32:FA:55:87:29:08:DE:E0:34:DA:A2:15:5A